Since 2012, volunteers have continued to provide invaluable service to the Orchid City Brass Band. Orchid City volunteers bring a diverse background and a passion for music which impact a wonderful spirit of self-sacrificing contribution that serves as a model of volunteerism throughout the Palm Beaches.

Through the successful engagement and support of our volunteers, Orchid City can provide the highest level of customer service to our patrons. Orchid City aims to provide fulfilling and enjoyable placement for all its volunteers. With the range of concerts and events we run each year, volunteers can also gain firsthand experience of invaluable customer service and concert production.
In return, we expect a high level of work and commitment from our volunteers so that we can maintain the standard of the customer service we provide our patrons. We hope that your engagement with us can add to your knowledge and interest of Brass Band performance, and provide you with a deeper perspective of the culture, tradition and mission of Orchid City Brass Band.

volunteer areas

Volunteers of the Orchid City Brass Band serve in five (5) primary volunteer areas:


ticket taker

The ticket taker volunteer greets Orchid City patrons and scans their tickets for each performance or event.


concert ambassador

The concert ambassador volunteers provide excellent customer service, assist guests with seat inquiry, and distribute programs while greeting patrons during concerts and events.


marketing support

Each Orchid City concert or event requires marketing support volunteers to spread the word, alert the public, and engage in outreach activities.


musical librarian assistant

Orchid City’s music librarian manages all materials related to the music used by the organization. Librarian assistant volunteers help the librarian organize library resources related to music and related media and ensure that these materials are readily available to the musical director and band members. They also distribute and collect music materials, keep track of musical inventory, and scan and organize sheet music.


multimedia support

Orchid City’s multimedia support volunteers assist with running welcome and announcement slides on video screens before and after concerts and during intermission. Programs that use multimedia require volunteers who can read music and execute prompts on a call sheet.


Do you love the mission and music of the Orchid City Brass Band but are unable to volunteer? Please consider supporting us with a donation of any size today.